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Right from childhood, we begin to explore our environment by trying out different things. Such occurs mostly in the initiative and industry phases of childhood. From there, we discover some of the things we are naturally good at and those that we fall short in doing.

A talent is a natural predisposition to be able to do something. It is a person’s natural inclination to ability or skill.
So many extracurricular activities are designed in schools to help individuals explore and find their unique talents. It is believed that every person on this planet has his or her unique talent(s). However, only a few people can unlock their talents.

Various factors can be attributed to this issue, but based on an assessment, the major setback is that some people only consider the talents put in the spotlight as the only kinds of talents. Talents that people can get famous for are the mainstream skills considered as talents. These include skills like dancing, singing, painting, acting, fighting, and gymnastics to mention but a few. This issue is what makes some people beat up and stop exploring to find their unique talents because they don’t have popular kinds of talents.

Being talented in something doesn’t mean you have to be so perfect in doing a certain thing. Some have a moderate inclination to such skill or ability. You shouldn’t dismiss it but rather accept it, appreciate it and build/improve on it. For example, I am not so talented in drawing, but I draw averagely well. But I accepted it and I’ve improved a lot since then.
Some unique unpopular talents are cooler than the mainstream ones. So don’t beat yourself up if you can’t sing like Rihanna or dance like Chris Brown or act like Robert D Jr. There are far more interesting and awesome talents out there so get your shit together. I’m gonna help you explore and find your unique talents.

My 7 steps ultimate formula will guide you in discovering your talents/potentials and ways to improve them:

At a point in time in your life, especially childhood, you must have had a superhero you admired so much. Whether he/she could fly, shoot lasers, has invisibility, forcefield abilities, speed or shapeshifting, you must have admired something about that superhero. All of these superheroes have their origin stories- how they acquired their special powers.

Likewise, you should start your origin story today as well, start on a journey of self-discovery. A journey to discover your ‘extraordinary’ power- your special talent. You can begin by doing differents things; assessing your sense- how you perceive your environment. Some people can hear, see, smell, and feel better than the average man. Some can observe and detect minute details in just a few seconds.

Next, move on to your body motion, flexibility, and adaptability. Adrenaline is involved but some people have faster reflexes than others. You can also assess your strength, wound healing and balance.
And that’s how you keep on going, trying different things until you identify your extraordinary ability.

You could have imaginary projection into the future to be able to tell the outcome of decisions or actions rapidly, or a unique sense of direction, ability to tell if someone is lying, read true expressions behind fake smiles, accuracy, etc.
We sometimes take our unique abilities for granted because we assume that everyone does what we can do

Most talents arise from things that we find interesting. Things that interest you help you in developing your skills and finding your unique abilities. They’re unlike jobs which probably bore you and make you have outrages from time to time.

I can still remember how terrible my drawings were as a kid- they were highly 2D and not even a bit impressive. But as time went by I got interested and drew a lot. Now I draw a lot better…I think lol.
So find positive things that interest you and do them during your leisure time.

Once you’ve discovered your extraordinary ability, you should strive to improve on it. Let’s say you do ‘magic’ with your hands and make good paintings. Don’t just stop at being good, try to be better and never rest until you reach your best.

Take every opportunity to put your ability to work. The more you see your ability in action, the more confidence you’ll gain regarding your ability.

I know, “it is called a comfort zone for a reason” (read in Sheldon’s voice). But you can’t reach greater heights without getting out of your comfort zone.
Visualize it this way, your comfort zone places restraints on you and stop you from doing anything different and taking risks chiefly out of fear.
Once you’re able to detach yourself and get out of your comfort zone, you’ll be like a released Kraken on adrenaline- full of energy and curiosity. You’ll find yourself try a lot of things. Eve activities that appear to be scary will be a piece of cake to you, like paragliding, skydiving, racing, snowboarding, etc.

Understand this, I’m not saying the comfort zone is like a bad prison cell or anything, it helps mentally but it also stops you from exploring and taking risks. It is good to get out once in a while.

A lot of people think that being able to challenge and beat other people is the definition of success. But what if you could do better than just that? If you’re the champion, that’s not enough. You have to beat someone else at the game, you have to beat your record, be better than yourself, better than you of yesterday. When you challenge others only, you are limiting yourself but when you challenge yourself to make yourself better- that’s the definition of true success.


Don’t limit yourself. Try new things every day, do at least one thing that scares you- when you explore, you expand your horizon and develop more skills and abilities, You shouldn’t stand back or be withdrawn. Get experiences!

Your instincts will guide you and help you through the challenges of life. Once you learn how to trust it, it can become a powerful ally to you.

Start today, don’t procrastinate and continue keeping your talents in the dark. The best way to begin is to make a choice today. Who knows, your talent could bring your next big break!

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