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I have been trying to write an article along this line for a while. I have been cracking my brain to find the best way to present the article.

Everyone is talking about the global pandemic, the novel coronavirus, which has taken over the world.

People are anxious, worried, and panicking. It’s shocking and almost unbelievable. The number of new cases is on the rise with mortality increasing.


But amidst all the chaos and lockdown, people are holding on to the silver lining presented by the situation. Some people are using this opportunity to acquire new skills while others are using it to create and grow their businesses from home.

The lockdown gets extremely boring and lonely. Even with the fun and engaging content on social media, sometimes you can’t help but feel bored, to be honest.

If it feels boring, why not use the time to do the things you didn’t have time to do before? Why not use the opportunity to invest in yourself?

Wouldn’t it be cool if you come out of this coronavirus lockdown a changed person?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you come out of the lockdown with enough money to buy a new car, house, or even start up a company?

Black car

While people are panicking and worrying about COVID-19, as an entrepreneur, your mindset has to be different. Always start with the end in mind. Now the world is facing COVID-19, what you should be planning is for a post-coronavirus world. How will you come out of the global pandemic when it is over?

There are a lot of people offering their paid courses to people for free to help with productivity and self-improvement during this pandemic. You should seize the opportunity to invest in yourself, grow your skills, and make bank.

There are a lot of business opportunities out there you can go for during this period and beyond. The opportunities to earn money or start a business is on the internet.

Online learning

For example, online learning is a hot market right now. If there is something you’re really good at, you can create training or course around it, sell the course to people and make money from it, all from home. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never done it before, it doesn’t take a genius to create one.

I can help you create a blueprint for your course, just shoot me an email here

If you don’t have a product to sell or you don’t want to create a product, you can always promote other people’s products through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is on the rise right now and people are making money from it.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is or how you can get started, watch a free training video from my friend John Crestani here.

Affiliate marketing

You can also provide services to other people who own businesses and make money from it. You can provide services like logo design, web design, graphic design, etc.

I earn cash blogging, social media marketing, and copywriting. I want to dive in more into my training.

I want to train more people to make money from home. I’m thinking of creating a YouTube channel.

Omer Hina teaches

Would you be interested in learning from me? Let me know.

Thank you

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