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If the human generation is good at anything these days, is judging people and defining them based on their own assumption and not inquiry or understanding. You do well, you get judged, you do badly, you get judged, and you stay on the wall between the two, and guess what? You still get judged. There is just no pleasing them. No matter what you do in this life, you will definitely get judged.

People will judge you for various reasons. Some for the right reasons, while others, for the wrong, unimportant reasons. While the notion I put forth is, “don’t let people’s perception define you,” good criticism and observations are essential in refining and fine-tuning you and/or your skills. Some people try to pass their own perceptions in order to help you grow and improve.

Sometimes, their intentions are misunderstood because they may come off a bit harsh. You need to isolate good criticism from bad ones amidst all the comments and replies. On the other hand, some people are just cruel, mean and super judgmental for little or no reason at all. It is no surprise that most of them are just a bunch of losers, like school bullies. Since they can’t do anything meaningful with their lives, they get hell-bent on ruining and demeaning other people’s lives, criticizing and badly judging their efforts to see them fail at their attempts to achieve one thing or the other. Those types of criticisms are wrong and tend to affect some people emotionally, physically and even psychologically. Sometimes these sorts of criticisms really hurt, like a burrowing tool plunged into the heart. The aftermath may range from tears being shed, emotional upset, depression and can even lead to neurogenic shock.

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You need to stop listening to people like that, or else, they will succeed in ruining your life. Once they get into your head, they will try to manipulate you as they see fit. They will curtail your dreams and make you a loser like them.

There is this story of an eagle egg that fell from its nest and ended up with hen eggs. It grew and got hatched with them. It developed among them. One day, it saw some eagles soaring in the sky and told one of its chicken brothers it wanted to fly like them. The chicken told it that it can’t fly, that it is also a chicken. The eagle didn’t succeed in flying because it believed in what the chicken had said. It finally gave in and didn’t learn how to fly.

Another similar story is of a father, his son, and their donkey. Wherever they went, they got judged because of the way they traveled. When both father and son rode on the donkey, they were judged. When either of them rode the donkey, they got judged. Even when they succumbed to carrying the donkey, they were judged.


You can never please everyone all the time. Express yourself, don’t try to impress. In the end, you will always be judged whatever you do in this life, just do your best. Welcome positive criticism and pay no attention to negative ones. Not every opinion counts!

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