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Have you ever tried to answer a question in class or approach a person, make a connection or an assertion but couldn’t and decided to keep to yourself because you weren’t confident enough to say it out or talk?

If you have such kinda issue, then this post is for you- or someone you think will benefit from it like a friend, sibling, and significant others.

Self-confidence is a belief in your own ability to do things and be successful. The belief that you’re capable of accomplishing things you set your mind to achieve. It is similar to self-esteem, but the latter is more related believing we’re generally competent in what we do, and that we deserve to be happy in life. Self-esteem will be discussed in a forthcoming episode.

A person with a low level of self-confidence or lacking self-confidence is unlikely to feel that they can achieve their goals and tend to be pessimistic about themselves and their lives.

However, the story doesn’t quite end there. The good news is that there is a solution for people who lack self-confidence or wanna boost their self-confidence should they choose to do so. Self-confidence is something you can build on your own. Not everyone who came to this world grew up with self-confidence, some attained it on the way growing up. Certain factors affect self-confidence right from childhood up to maturity and adult life. It is never too late to boost your self-confidence, to make your voice heard and opinions valued.

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Today, I’d like to share 15 powerful tips that I’ve discovered for improving self-confidence which has worked for me:

  1. Identify inner critic

Your inner critic is pessimistic and unhelpful. It doesn’t believe in your ability. It feeds you with negative thoughts like “I’m a failure,” “I can’t do it.” It is one of the fundamental agents that hold you back from attaining a high confidence level. Learn to say NO to your inner critic and always be optimistic in whatever you do.


  1. Maintain a positive support association

Stay with family, friends, colleagues and significant others to keep your spirit uplifted. Steer clear of negative people that will criticize you and make you feel bad. Surround yourself with positive people that augment your self-confidence.


  1. Eliminate negative reminders of the past

As you’re moving forward with your life towards improved self-confidence, it is important to get rid of painful reminders of the past. These may include images, songs, clothing items, etc. The constant reminder from such things may hold you back from moving on.


  1. Identify your talents and take pride in yourself

Everyone has got their own talents, some things they are good at. Why not you? No matter how little you think about yourself, you’re excellent at doing one thing or the other. Maybe not painting, singing or maths or something too obvious but there are other unique talents out there. Some people believe that they don’t have talents because they don’t know how to explore them. Identify your talents and work on them. It is also important to take pride in yourself; give yourself a little credit.


  1. Smile a lot and take compliments

Always smile, it helps you feel better about yourself and your life. Research has shown that even if you fake a smile, you’ll feel 83% ish better about yourself. That will improve your self-confidence greatly.

Don’t let your negative thoughts prevent you from taking compliments. Yes, you’re not as perfect as you imagined yourself to be, however, that shouldn’t stop you from taking compliments. Instead of rejecting them and making a fuss, accept them gracefully.


  1. Be comfortable

Try and be comfortable. Don’t allow the thought of fear to stop you from being yourself. Assume a good posture, smile and interact freely with others. No one is gonna bite you.


  1. Be kinder to other people

Studies have shown that when you are kinder to other people, they tend to reciprocate that kindness. Being kind to others also makes you feel generally good about yourself.


  1. Be patient

Rome wasn’t built in a day. In whatever you do in life, patience is vital. Be patient with yourself. Don’t be upset if your confidence doesn’t get boosted at a go or in a short period of time. Exercise patience, everything will come to pass gradually.


  1. Avoid comparison and perfectionism

Don’t compare yourself with other people. When you do that, you’ll always end up disappointed and fail to see the potentials in yourself, which will, in turn, lower your self-confidence. You shouldn’t try to paint yourself all over, change how you look or go through expensive aesthetic surgeries just to feel better about yourself. To be honest, you’ll even look worse after undergoing such procedures. I have seen a lot of before and after pictures of some people- so terrible. Be comfortable in your own skin.

Just be the best you can be!


  1. Learn how to bounce back from setbacks

Disappointments are part of life. Don’t let them stop you from fighting on. The difference between you and the next person is whether you get back up when you get knocked down by setbacks and disappointments.


  1. Practice physical hygiene

Physical care will boost your self-confidence level by 15-20% on a daily basis. Don’t overdo it, go easy on the cologne, and most importantly, dress in something comfortable and appropriate.


  1. Exercise regularly

One of my friends told me that exercising helps. I was skeptical at first. But now I gotta say, working those muscles really help in boosting self-confidence.


  1. Get enough sleep

Now that’s something I can really relate. Sleep helps in making you feel good and relaxed, ergo, boosting your self-confidence. Get at least 7 hours of sleep every night.


  1. Set small achievable goals

Start with setting small goals that can be achieved easier then move onto bigger goals. Achieving goals help in boosting self-confidence.


  1. Embrace new experience

Try something new. Don’t be afraid of doing something new. Don’t let your inner critic stop you without giving it a try.

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Start today, the earlier the better!

I wanna hear your thoughts.

Share and comment below. Thanks.

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