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Before you read this post and listen to what I am about to tell you, I want you to do something for me real quick. I want to forget all what you have to believe about whether it exist or not and read it from my perspective.


Don’t worry, I am not going to try to convince that it exists or doesn’t. I am just going to give my basic understanding from a scientific perspective. And not to worry, I am not going to go all science on you, just simple science.

So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s talk…

Basically the human nature has not really changed much since the dawn of mankind. Our biological has been the same that is why our actions can be predictable. You can trace that using the Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

If you are not familiar with the hierarchy of needs, you should take a look at it, it’s pretty interesting. In a nutshell, it takes a look at man’s need and categorize them based on urgency. One has to fulfill the needs at the bottom before moving up to the next need. The first need being physiological needs; things that you need to function as a human like food, water, respiration, sex, etc.


The second need is safety followed by love/belonging, esteem and self-actualization. These needs are innate and part of us, it’s not something choose to ignore.

Let’s take another angle. Fear. There’s no doubt that man knows fear and we have all experienced it. Sometimes our actions are driven by fear. Take a look at our homes, we have barricaded ourselves to keep ourselves safe because of…. Fear. Whatever your reason is for putting gates, security cams and all in your houses and offices, it comes down to one simple reason. Fear.

I hope you are following up to this point. What I’m saying at this point doesn’t have to make a whole lot of sense to you right now. I’m just putting out the concepts first before putting them together to paint the big picture.

Similarly, let’s talk about greed. Greed is an ugly nature that we possess as humans, some more than others. The truth is our reason for being greedy is profound. Now, I am not saying that greed is good. It’s one of the 7 deadly sins. But I’m saying that it’s not entirely our fault that we are greedy. It’s inside us. But some of us grow up overcoming it. Too much generosity is sometimes considered a mental issue. Especially when one keeps giving out without considering what he’s got left.



We are greedy because we want to survive and don’t want to end up having nothing to live on. That instinct for survival is backed by fear. What if giving you from my stash will result in me not having any tomorrow?

So let’s say you pick 40 people at random and decided to drop them off in mars with enough resources to last them generations. What do you think will happen putting fear, greed, and survival into consideration?


First thing that would probably happen is the need to have authoritative figure or figures. The people will try to choose a leader amongst themselves.

That’s reasonable and accepted.

Well now they’ve got a leader, they would want something like a council or senate to help the leader make good decisions. And that’s exactly where the problem will arise.

There are two likely scenarios or three, but two are most common.

One, either the leader wants more resources at his disposal and tries to win some members of the council to his side, forming an elite group.

Or two, some members of the council create an elite group and get one of their members to become their leader so they can have the riches to themselves.

The third one is that, a group will rise among the people and strategically overthrow anyone on their way until they become the elites.

Getting back to earth now, there is no way in this world that ¬†earth, given its resources and riches that there aren’t a select few trying to control everything. Forget what you see or hear from the media. The media can easily be controlled. Look at the facts, forget that some countries are at war and all that, they are just distractions to steer your mind away from seeing what’s actually going on in this world.

Keep your phones, close your laptop, just go out, walk around and think. Nothing makes sense.

There’s a whole lot of shit going on behind the curtains that we don’t know of, yet we’re being closely monitored and most people don’t even realize it.

For a fact, I am not a conspiracy theorist, I don’t spend my time thinking that the Illuminati is behind everything or another group.

I just think it’s beyond argument that such an elite exists. But I don’t think knowing them would really help or do much good. You can’t touch them. We’re like dancing ants on their palms.

But at least knowing this will open your eyes and make you seek the truth and not blindly believe anything you see or hear, especially on media.

I hope this helps you see things for what they are. I hope you gain something from this post.

For the record, this is how I imagine their faces right now


What do you think? Lets hear your opinion. Comment below and I’ll be there to read them.


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