trying to please others

Some people do things in life to attain accolades from others. This may stem from unresolved psychological problems growing up. Most especially because of parents who don’t give due credit to their kids. Others do things to please others for the purpose of showing off or other ulterior motives.

Whatever you do in life, it should be done for the sole purpose of its necessity or good nature and not to please the society. We should do it because it feels right, not to get approval from other people. In fact, failure in doing something begins when you do it to attain approval and please others.

Ask yourself this; whether you are going to do what is supposed to be done if others aren’t there to witness it. If you aren’t going to do it for mere reasons, then you are a people pleaser. But if you do it anyway, that is doing something genuinely and purely.

When you do something genuine and not for accolades from people, you will be happy and proud of what you do. You won’t do things to please, but you do them because they need to be done. You will get even more respect and recognition that way.


This relates to someone I know who wanted to be elected as a cheerleader. She did everything to please to election panel. But beneath all her outward good actions, her dark side was discovered and she lost. The panel realized that she was just doing those things to win and be popular.

We should do what we believe in and believe in what we do, making the appraisals oblivious to our course of action. We don’t need accolades to succeed in life.

I earlier wrote something about how people’s perception can affect what we do if we let them get into us, “Don’t Let People’s Perception Define You.” Doing things to impress others is a one-stop train to failure.

So we should not do things for impression but for expression. Do things because they ought to be done, not for some accolade.


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